Diskless Operation

Telme Diskless

Stop reinstalling systems over and over again!
Don’t lose any data and save money with software lincenses.  

Did your Office, your browser or your your Java! crashed? Take off the HD of the computers of your company and stop worrying!
To help you we introduce to you one magic: Telme Diskless

Telme DisklessTelme Solutions platform uses an open architecture systems with one premise, to make easier to use an integrated environment with total security to multiple users and multiple tasks.  

The use of diskless station instead of conventional desktops reduces dramatically the TCO (total cost of ownership) as it eliminates the installation of a software and OS, which uses application and storage system on the server.  

No maintenance needed, do not have HD, this way it ensures the safety, reliability and control by the company

Every server application runs in a specific firewall that is fully protected from the risks of the internet, and it runs in one friendly graphical interface equipment fully integrated with the other systems.  

As graphical interface we use MATE, very easy and intuitive; we may also use the Windows itself (by buying the traditional Microsoft license).
The DiskLess system is totally different than the Thin-Client:

The Thin-Client is a small hardware that acesses a remote system, making this emulation by the extremely slow network. The low performance of the Thin-Client make it not usefull for a graphical interface… Thin-Client is not the solution! To generate our DiskLess the local station take by the network, a OS that uses station parts (processors, memory, video etc.) to emulate the DiskLess, providing all the local desired resources, making it not noticeable the difference by the end user.  
DiskLess can provide all software and services to each station connected on the network, without the need of installation, local settings and, specially, without the need of new softwares licenses.

With many advantages as cost reduction, increase of security, reliability, because the OS comes by the network.

Any eventual power outages or hardware failure, does not change the application that runs on the server; high availability, because you don’t need to install anything, and in an eventual equipment breakdown it can be replaced by another (even by different caracteriscs and brand) without the need of a reconfiguration, it will be working again in minutes.  
All the services installed or available on the server will also be available in all the DiskLess without the need of an installation one-by-one, as well as the reconfiguration of the service or application on the server will not request an interruption.

Contact us right now and we will be happy to show how this works to you.