Infrastructure for governments:

º e-GovernmentTelme e-gov

We design and implement solutions to optimize the management of the government’s most important tasks, following the doctrine of e-Government.

Unified Eletronic Government solution to make the government as a single and complete entity that is bases on all services in one local such as: education, health, safety, administration, public security  and social services are the model bases of e-Gov, applied across the world.

There are several local and foreign public administration today that have chosen to implement e-government solutions, making easier and optimizing public administration.  

º Digital City

In Brazil, Digital City is defined by City Halls that have implemented systems to offer free Wi-Fi at public spaces, schools, hospitals etc. Several mayors have submitted projects to the City Hall Council Chambers for a legislative authorization aiming to transform, by a law,  their cities in a, as they call, Digital Cities.

As the initiatives were being disseminated, several mayors began to knock on the doors of the Federal and State Governments looking for resources to also establish a Digital City.  

The Special Secretary of Digital Inclusion decided to determine and define what is a ‘Digital City’, based on clear criteria to arrange parameters and to deal with this issue properly.Telme Cidades Digitais

The Digital City Project, predicts that a City Hall may have throughout your área internet and telecomunication infrastructure for public access (schools, hospitals, libraries etc.) providing to the residents information, public and private services in a virtual environment.

One of the digital city project is a to universalize the Wi-Fi with the latest and low-cost technology.

The most used Technologies are: Wi-Max/Mesh and Wi-fi/AirMax, wireless networking technology.

Among other advantages, allows:

  • Internet Access by Radio – it offers a technological leap to cities that have a lack in the advances in telecommunications. As an added service, it combines new features besides the connectivity to the Intranet and Internet.  
  • Data Network – enables interconnection of all the points of presence of each administrative departement, offering a hybrid communication structure, such as radio with Wi-Max technology, enabling city halls to offer a better service to the population through a greater agility in their processes.  
  • Digital inclusion – allows the social development of the population, allowing the access to the globalized world, creating employment conditions and reducing violence in the implanted regions.  
  • IP Telephony – dramatically reduces telephony costs, connecting all public network phones making an extention, turning the communication with each other at zero coast, and calls with external links at reduced rates.  
  • Security monitor – surveillance by cameras associated to the effective management of alarms and analysis behavior through images is a key package for security of the city.  

TelmeSolutions AirGate

Anyway, as it turns, many services can be offered to the citizens through this Project, such as: police, fire station, City hall employees assistance, health care, emergency services, social services to citizens,  tourism, flywheels libraries, security surveillance, voice communication through IP technology, among other services.  
We design and implement Project in accordance to the city hall necessity.

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