IT Infrastructure:

º Infrastructure to high performance in ERP and CRM environments, like SAP, SAN, Edamatec, TOTVS, CIGAN etc:


Telme Solution provides IT infrastructure, pre-tested and integrated to a dynamics assignment of the virtual and physical server, database application high-availability to all ERP and CRM system from different developers such as: SAP, CIGAN, TOTVS, SAN Edamatec, etc.

With an end-to-end management, secure and reliable data storage, in accordance to industry standards, we make networks and ERP application much faster and inexpensive.

This is the ideal IT infrastructure for an efficient operation, reliable and flexible of your ERP environment.

Telme Solution extends the benefits of the ERP infrastructure optimization to small and medium companies with a fair price, keeping goals and availability offered to large companies.



Start today!

  • Boost productivity with a ultra-fast response of your ERP system.  
  • Significant cost reduction  
  • Support to the entire IT, from implementation to the operation
  • Depth knowledge optimization of the ERP application in IT infrastructure.
  • With no need of an extra costs with local high qualified IT specialist.
  • Data storage extremely safe and reliable, with snapshot redundancy.  
  • Operation more efficient and easy access to data for decision making.  
  • Scalable operation and scaled to the size of your business
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º Databases Infrastructure:

The management and data storage is the heart of many companies and they have to have instant timing, be reliable and easily accessible for your company make informed decisions with greater ease.

The design and reliable storage building, with high availability and performance, scalable, economical, flexible and adaptable can become very time consuming project.

As currently, companies change rapidly, long-term infrastructure projects are no longer accepted. Only economical and powerful solutions can survive, if implemented quickly to deliver value and competitive advantages to the company.

Based on these firstfruits, the Telme Solutions has developed a set systems and servers facilitating data storage dynamic infrastructure. Easy to manage, cheaper to maintain, easy to increase: the company's needs define the requirements.

The Telme systems for data storage infrastructure provides an approach that combines software, hardware, storage, I / O and network configurations balanced packages for different environments.

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