Ultimate Solution for IT:

Is there a definitive solution for IT?

Let’s face the facts:
Nowadays most of the companies are totally dependent of IT. The companies are not capable to operate without IT, no matter how small they are.  
Any interruption in the IT system (even if only for minutes) results in unpleasant consequences for the company.

Interruption in the computer system basically occurs in three places, following:

  1. st: Hardware (the computer itself) that may be reaching the end of its useful life, either by time or by the need of increasing capacity (upgrade).
  2. nd: Software, the application system or the operating system used.
  3. rd: Connection, whether by failure to access the internet or fails to connect a remotely hosted system (cloud).

Whatever may the situation be (1, 2 or 3) an interruption implies extra costs, downtime, order not delivered, unproductive staff etc.  
Note that we are not taking into consideration virus attacks, loss of files, bad faith of employees etc.  
Telme Platform offers your company a definitive solution for most of the computers problems that your company may have, solving once and for all your problems with Software and Hardware.

Once, in a presentation, someone asked us: “Definite Solution?
But how is this possible, if neither Microsoft have ever done that?!

Consider that nowadays the lifetime of a simple appliance such as a refrigerator is 3 to 5 years. Why? Because it is made to break!Sixties Machines

But it was not always like this, do you know that stove or the refrigerator that your grandmother that works well until today and nobody really knows how?

We see exeplars from brands such as Westinghouse, General Electric running since their manufacture in the 1960s, and will continue to run for a long time. I particularly have besides a refrigerator, a blender that grinds stones!

Our systems are unique and we desing them to last! We do our systems at the same speed of the computers nowadays, systems to last forever!

Company without operation? Data loss? Forget all of these! Welcome to Telme Solutions concept of continuous computing.

Imagine, for example, that the server of your company is more than 3 years old and it show a defect.  

It is very likely that no one else will be able to find that specific type of HD memory (to complete a broken RAID) to replace the original and, this way, keep the system running.

The situation gets worse when the OS is Windows, because this system only runs on the machine that it was originally installed, this means, for example, that you cannot simply switch the machine by a new and modern one.

If a total reconfiguration of the system is required, and, in most cases, an OS reinstallation is required, resulting in hours and hours of your company not working, with no guarantee that all installed softwares will work properly on the new machine, for different reasons, including activation keys, licenses, DLL, bank security systems, temporary files, new version of apps (which support is no longer available, but all data of the company were in it).  

Today, many companies works with Windows 7, XP and Windows Server 2003, which Microsoft itself no longer offers any support.

In fact, the lack of support from Microsft is not the problem (since few users have ever used it), the biggest problem is the incompability with newer equipment, that doesn’t have support for drivers or older OS.

In some of them it is impossible to migrate database or programs between different versions of Windows.  
If your company is found in this scenario, you will, soon or later, have problems.

Our solution is based on the concept of diskless and virtual machines.
This is not a new concept, it has been used since 1970, but only now we have powerfull servers that offers simple and affordable technology to implement.
We are not talking about Thin-Client or Cloud solutions, this is not anything like that! 

The concept of virtual machines is completely different from the Cloud. In a Cloud, the company’s data is in a Data Center that some provider (such as LocalWeb, Azzur, Amazon, GoDaddy, etc.) and the company’s computers access the data or the system that are storage there using internet.

The problem is that this solution does not solve the reliability problems, since the company’s computers still have multiple OS, configuration files, that are subject to a virus attack, loss, defects, and the Cloud solution is only useful for Backup of some of the company’s data, and any eventual local problem, in the Hardware of Sofware, resulting in the reinstallation of every applications that were operating in the computer, followed by loss of emails, programs and data and many other problems that it may bring… the 'Cloud Solution' it is not really a solution.

The Diskless system is totally different then the Thin-Client.

A Thin-Client is a small Hardware that access one remote system, making the emulation by the network extremely slow.  The low performance of the Thin-Clients makes it not useful in a graphical interface… Thin-Client is not the solution!  

To design our DiskLess, the local machines upload by network one OS that uses machine resources (processor, memories, video etc.) to emulate the DiskLess, providing all desired local resources, making not noticeable to the final user. 

DisklessOur DiskLess are able to provide all Softwares and services to each computer connected in a network, with no need of instalation, local configuration and, especially, with no need of new Software licenses. With such a noticeable cost reduction advantages, increased of security, reliability (because de OS comes by network) any eventual lack of power or Hardware crash, does not change the applications that runs on the server; high availability because you do not need to install anything and any eventual breakdown, the equipment may be replaced by another (even with different characteristics and brand) and, without the need of a reconfiguration, it will be back working in just few minutes.  

All the installed services, or available services, on the server are also accessible in every DiskLess without the necessity of installing one by one, as well as the reconfiguration of the service or application of the server will not require intervention. 


Make your life easier, organize: storage, virtualization, email and websites, telephone systems and more, everything in a single platform.

A TELME platform has a definitive solution in IT for each company:

• Internet: Load Balance (balacing and improving the distribution of workloads) between two or more different ISP and automatic FailOver.
• Firewall: Firewall: Control access with the possibility of blocking websites such as: Facebook, Youtube, Netflix etc. to certain users.   
• DHCP router system, providing control of  equipment connected to the web.  
• VPN systems with strong encryption in connection between Head Offices, branch offices, in different locations to a private cloud.  
• Email system with  private cloud storage in IMAP encryption and the convenience of company’s webmail.  
• HTTP and HTTPS systems and web server (as an optional, insurance certificate) for publishing and hosting company pages.  
• Database hosting system on PostgreSQL, MySQL, etc. for ERPs and CRMs.  
• OwnCloud system (similar to Dropbox, Google Drive)  private cloud to access files and folders
• Virtualization System and installation this system in Virtual Machines.  
• Remote desktops on Mac, Windows and ERPs
• Diskless Operation
• Connection and computer boot in local and remote network (by VPN)
• Network file system for Windows, eliminating Active Diretory including all services  
• ZFS file technology self-replicanting
• Local and remote redundancy in HDs (disks)
• Automated copies system of the entire platform, local and remote, with temporal snapshot and daily addition.  
• User access control to files and folders, rules according to the hierarchy
• The possibility of using Printers, Scanners and camera in the network (without using local drivers and without reconfigurations).  
• System for PBX and Unified Communication:

  • IP extensions (local and remotes) to unified communication and single costs with telephony
  • Recording call in .mp3 file
  • Complete IVR for your company’s call-center.  
  • Call queue, conference rooms.
  • Auto-configuration of IP phones and ATAs.

• Connection with Surveillance system and automated compaction of cameras surveillance files format..  
• Technical suport by phone and Technical visit for the entire platform/system

Contact us right now and we will be happy to show how this works to you