We do not do backup!

Sometime the backup is the hero of a company   

It is very helpful to back up files to an External Hard Drive, flash drive etc.  

But... if i have more than 1TB in one Cloud Server, with the current speed of the Internet, how many days will take to restore it?
But... if the HD or a Windows Server system crashes, is it possible to restore the whole system using the back up file?
In fact, due to the license rules, Windows system are not easy and friendly to backup, only the files/programs contained in it. But if the Windows stops, it “stopped”! Only reinstalling a new system and programs, and later an attempted of restoring the users files, may not work itself.
Until then your company will stay for few day unable to run business, and even knowing that you may recover your backup, not all programs will working as before if the new reinstallation.  

That’s why we don’t do backup!


The solution: Travel back in time redundancy, and Snapshot:

The Theologians believe that the Creator is out of Kairos, he is ahead of his time.  
The Creator is in Chronos, ie He is “eternal”
This is our way to manage your data. Your data will be outside its natural timeline, it will be in Chronos.   
If you need, we can time travel to restore and make it available in just minutes any data from today, yesterday, last week or last month.  
“Yesterday, today, past, present” it doesn’t exist anymore; they are just a part of the system that we use in our servers.  

We use technology of self-replicating files, because, in addition to use redundant media (disk mirror), it has a characteristic of occasionally formation Snapshots in a local and remote server making the information coexist - no matter the time.
Each Snapshot may be generated by the system every 30 minutes or you may schedule it.

To restore:

You will be able to restore any point/version using the time travel technique, where part of a file, a whole file that has existed at some point or the entire system can be “awakened” from its sate of “hibernation” without stopping any part of working system.

This way, any file can be recovered in seconds by our staff.  

In an eventual CPD total collapse, one of our technicians is able to move the entire company to a replication computer in a gap of time smaller than four hours.
If you want to learn more about ZFS and ZPOOL Technologies, that we use in our Telm Platform, visit: https://zpool.org/zfs-snapshots-and-remote-replication/

Protect your data and gain flexibility with Telme Storage solutions.
Reach the maximum security and availability, in addition to privacy and encryption.  

Please contact us, we will be glad to show you how it works.